Spring Feast


MARCH 24, 2018

Spring Feast 2018
Greetings all! Spring is coming on fast and with that comes time for great joy and..you guessed it..a FEAST! Spring Feast will be held March 24, 2018 and will be held a short drive south of Missoula. We have several fun activities planned. Intrigued? Read on!

A&S Championship! – As usual, we will have our A&S Championship at this event. Any may enter but only someone residing in the state of Montana can be declared Champion. But if you are from outside Montana, don’t let that stop you! You can still win Renown among your peers! (and of course, there are prizes) See below for more information.

The Arte of Combat Tourneys! New this year will be the Arte of Combat Tourneys in both Armored and Rapier. This is a combined Combat and A&S tourney, however you do NOT need to enter an A&S item to win! It does however offer certain advantages. A separate A&S area will be set aside for fighters to enter up to 2 items into the Tournament category. This category will be judged solely by Their Excellencies. Why enter anything if you don’t have to? Glad you asked! Points will be awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places, which will then be added to the fighter’s tally in the combat competition. This means that even if you don’t place first in fighting if you have a good A&S entry it might give you enough points to be the overall victor! The tourneys themselves will be a round-robin type with points awarded to all based on their standing at the end. NOTE! The more fighters we have, the more points available! The fighting will commence shortly after morning court, so make sure to arrive early enough to get you’re A&S entered early! You can even enter your Tourney A&S entry into the Baronial A&S Championship! It’s not often that your labor pays out twice in one day!

Feast! Dame Annys and Master Dietrich will be delighting us with a Lunch and Feast to keep you going and help finish off the day (I hear a Polish menu is in the works). Make your Feast Reservations early (due March 10) as space is limited and is sure to sell out quickly! Feast reservations must be sent in via email to vstvns3@gmail.com. Sorry but feast reservations will not be accepted via Facebook.

But don’t leave just yet! At the end of the feast we will be having our Baronial Auction! Do you have an odd project lying around? Some stuff from a long-departed persona? Perhaps your last set of feast gear that no longer meets your needs? Then have no fear, the Barony will happily take it off your hands and auction it off to help fund the dream! We will welcome any works you might produce and want to gift to the Barony for auction – please make sure to give us a description and your name so that all may hear of your talents! So stick around for the auction that we might lighten your purse a bit!
Read on to learn more about the site and the A&S competition. We look forward to seeing you there!

Master Antoine de Bueil

Site! The site will be the Lolo Community Center at 12345 US-93 in Lolo, MT just south of Missoula.
Directions! When entering Missoula on Interstate 90 take the Reserve Street Exit and head south through town. Take a right on Brooks, this puts you on Hwy 93. Follow Highway 93 south to Lolo, the site will be on your right on the south end of town. Signs will be posted only at the site entrance. If you hit Stevensville you’ve gone too far.
If traveling North up Hwy 93 watch for SCA signs on your left just before coming into Lolo.

Site opens at 9am and closes by 10pm.

Fees! Site fee will be $15, or $10 with a membership. Children ages 10-17 are $5. Lunch will be provided at a suggested donation of $5 per person and proceeds will go towards our Pavillion Fund. Finally the Feast will be $10 per person with children under age 10 free with a paid adult feast. Make checks payable to “Barony of Sentinels’ Keep, SCA, Inc”.
Merchants! Merchants are welcome but may need to set up outside as space is at a premium. There is no merchanting fee, but a largess donation to Their Excellencies would be most appreciated!

Barony of Sentinels’ Keep Spring Arts & Sciences Championship
Spring Feast in March 2018 will again be the time to illuminate the talents of the gentles of the realm at our annual Arts & Sciences Championship. Our competition will follow Kingdom rules, and is open to all, however only those who live in Northern Artemisia (Montana) may win the title of Baronial Champion.

Those who wish to become Champion must enter 4 items in at least 2 Grand Categories.
Those competing for Novice Champion must enter 3 items in at least 2 Grand Categories. To enter the Novice category, this must be the first Arts & Sciences competition you have entered.
We will be using the Kingdom of Artemisia judging form and rules.

For information on the Grand Categories go to: http://artemisia.sca.org/new/download/arts/artHB04Comp3R.pdf
(Section 3 Guidelines for Judges & Entrants has the categories).

For Judging: Three copies of documentation must accompany each of your entries. All entrants are strongly encouraged to pre-register for the competition by March 10. The registration form will be found on the Baronial website: www.sentinelskeep.org/. Please fill out the form and email it to Vigdis, MoAS, at moas@sentinelskeep.org.

If you cannot email the form, please contact Her Ladyship for a mailing address. You can sign the form when you arrive at Spring Feast.

Research papers must be submitted by March 10. You may send your paper to the MoAS at moas@sentinelskeep.org who will print out the 3 copies needed for the judges.

All entrants must have their entries ready for judging by 11:00a.m. the day of the competition. Judging will begin immediately following opening court. The MoAS will also be asking for judges for the competition. Please contact Her Ladyship if you are willing to be a judge (or help with the competition in any way.

If you wish, you may enter the competition without competing for Champion. There will be some special awards to include Populace Choice and perhaps even a few surprises? We look forward to seeing all of the wonderful works of our fine artisans.
HL Vigdis, MOAS

Bardic Champion! We will be hosting our Bardic Competition as well! Details to follow, so watch Facebook and our Baronial Website (www.sentinelskeep.org) for details!
Event Staff!
Event Steward: Antoine de Bueil (Gene Mealey), 406-240-4803 (calls between 5pm and 9pm only please). rapierfighter@hotmail.com
Co-Event Steward: Sarah ingen Douglas (Sarah Dobrovolny), 406-880-4827 (calls between 5pm and 9pm only please).

Feast Steward: Dame Annys of Pengwyrm (Vaun Stevens), 406-542-2656. vstvns3@gmail.com

Moas: HL Vigdis Ionsdottir (Vickie Johnson), 406-721-1870. moas@sentinelskeep.org


Photos from Spring Feast, 2014.