Hellsgate – Barony of Sentinels’ Keep

August 3-6, 2017 at Huson, MT (20 miles west of Missoula).

The battle for Hell’s Gate continues! The Barony of Sentinels’ Keep guards a gateway barring the forces of Darkness from this world. Last year the forces of good failed against the forces of evil. Wishing the doors held shut against the invaders, the Baroness calls for like-minded brethren to join ranks and defend the realm. Our wardens send for the aid of brave souls to fight the darkness and hold the portal closed for another year.

A themed event August 3-6, 2017, everyone joins a side, Light or Dark. The winners of contests, games and tournaments will earn points for your side to determine the fate of the Hell Gate. Which side will you serve?

Saturday, the Thrown Weapons and Archery Competition will be held for the Baronial Championship.  All are welcome to participate but the Champion must be from Northern Artemisia (MT). Some of the activities include: archery, thrown weapons,  games, Rapier Tournaments (single and groups), Heavy Fighting Tournaments (single and groups), Melees (Rapier and Heavy), Battle-Of-Five heavy melee tournament, A&S display, swimming and waterslide!

There will be a Fantastically, Fabulous, Fun, Family Friendly Filk Festival again this year. It will be held during feast in between courses so that all may enjoy!! There is a new twist! Read below!

Schedule: Site open at noon on Thursday, Aug 3rd, archery range open. There will be activities planned for the evening. Activities include: Children’s activities Friday & Saturday afternoon, Heavy fighting tournament Friday evening, Saturday rapier and heavy fighting, Baronial Archery and Thrown weapons championship, gaming competitions, and Saturday evening feast prepared by Chef Extraordinaire, Duke Ibrahim al-Dimashqi, Italian Cuisine. Site closes at 2pm on Sunday, August 6th, 2017.

Schedule specifics will be announced soon on Facebook and online!!!

Site: Hellsgate will be held near Huson, MT (20 miles west of Missoula on Interstate 90). There is a bar with minimal services available at interstate ramp, and Frenchtown is five miles away with convenience and grocery stores, motels, and all regular services.

Potable water is available from a well hose onsite but you may prefer to bring your own drinking water. There are no showers at this time. Personal showers allowed.

Pets are allowed, but must be on leashes, as there are private homes nearby with animals. Cleaning up after your pet is YOUR responsibility. There is the possibility of coyotes and birds of prey in the area if your dog is small. There is a chance there may be fire restrictions in place at this time. There will be one large fire pit for the encampment. Cooking sources and propane fire pits must be above ground 12” and require a fire extinguisher nearby and visible in every camp; Site is wet; some shade. Also high chance of insects, repellent highly recommended; Smoking allowed, but care must be taken if conditions are dry; no butts on the ground EVER. Handicapped accessible, but ground can be slightly rough and some grass clumps. Assistance may be needed in some areas.

Bring your swim gear, for the site proudly hosts an original MT waterslide in the irrigation ditch on site. This is lots of fun after the fighting and the Clark Fork River borders the site for swimming!!


Make your way to Exit 85 on Interstate 90, the Huson Exit, approximately 20 miles East of Missoula.

From either direction, Coming off the Exit, turn over highway toward Huson, or headed South.

At Stop Sign, Turn Right=West on Huson Road (first road off of Interstate) and travel .68 miles.

Turn Left=South onto Stenerson Lane. Continue straight until you see the Dead End sign, which looks to end in a yard. Look just to the right of that, and you will see the SCA signs, and parking, and the road to the entry gate.

There will be plenty of signage. It does look like you are entering someone’s yard. You kind of are!

GPS coordinates of 47°1’39.899″N by 114°20’24.968″W.


Fees: Adults $25.00, $5 DISCOUNT FOR MEMBERS! Youth 17 and under free.

Feast Fee $12 (including children) must RSVP by July 15st to Illoraofthewestlea@hotmail.com. Please send each person’s SCA and modern names.

Co-Event Stewards:  

Count Da’oud al Dimashqi (Sam Risho) – email: sam.risho@gmail.com and Baroness Illora of the West Lea (Cindie Kalan-Green) – email: Illoraofthewestlea@hotmail.com


Fantastically, Fabulous, Fun, Family Friendly Filk Festival!!!

Join us Saturday night at HELLSGATE, August 3-6, 2017, Barony of Sentinels’ Keep for an evening filled with fun, entertainment, unmatched talent, and fierce competition! The Baroness of Sentinel’s Keep is sponsoring a competition like no other! The Third Annual Fantastically, Fabulous, Fun, Family Friendly Filk Festival!!!

There is a little twist in the rules this year. Instead of a required word, your filk must be to a tune of a 6o’s song!!

There are some great ones out there so choose wisely Grasshopper!  This year’s winner may find themselves a little Rummy after their win.

(A filk is lyrics written to the tune of another song that people are familiar with. In this case, lyrics about the SCA or a medieval theme)



The filk must be original and never before performed.

The performance may be done by an individual or a team.


There are 6 ways to earn points:

Judges Choice: There will be 3 judges who will score each performance from one to 5.

Audience Favorite: Each person will receive 1 pony bead to vote for their favorite. The performer with the most pony beads gets 1 point.

These categories get 1 point regardless of multiple uses of any.

Costume or Props: You may use either and will receive 1 point for the use.

Choreography: You will get 1 point for any choreography.

Theme: You will get 1 point for using a 60’s song for your filk.

Audience participation: You will get 1 point for getting the audience involved in anyway.

The most points that can be won is 20. In the case of a tie, each individual or team will be given 15 minutes to create a verse to their song incorporating a theme they will be given. Audience applause will determine the winner.

Remember this is G rated.


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Hellsgate 2014Hellsgate slide

Some Hellsgate photos courtesy of Dariusz Janczewski. Check out more of his work at www.missoulagraphicdesigner.com